been marathoning Urasawa’s Monster, can’t believe i’ve waited this long to watch this series

i feel like i did something sacrilegious…

for kelly’s nudist beach zine!



Hello everyone! The Ladies of Literature project is pleased to announce that we’re beginning work on Volume 2! We’re hoping to make this book even bigger and more beautiful than Volume 1. We’ve invited our Volume 1 veterans to come back to contribute, but we’re looking for even more fresh talent to fill the pages!

For those who don’t know, Ladies of Literature Volume 1 was an illustration anthology that celebrated our favorite female book characters and authors.

This time around, we’re still working with the same premise, but we’re placing a stronger emphasis on illustrations that tell stories. We want well-composed illustrations that showcase exactly why you fell in love with your character or author. Make us want to pick up their stories for ourselves—like the ultimate book recommendation.

The book is going to be Kickstarted to cover cost of printing and compensation for all contributing artists. All artists will get a copy of the book. Any remaining Kickstarter and book sale funds will be donated directly to in-classroom childhood literacy projects via

(That being said, obviously this is a project that may include copyrighted characters so if we run into legal trouble, we’ll have to shut the whole thing down.)

We’re aiming to have 75 artists in total so if you’re interested in participating, fill out this Google Form with your name and portfolio by AUGUST 31, 2014. We’ll notify our final choices by mid-September. Thank you! So excited to see all of your work!

Awesome project, I highly encourage any of my followers who are interested to participate!

i rendered the Sousuke Makoto sketch i did yesterday for practice only to realize that it looked really weird so I had to tone it down a bit. 
have a cropped version of the torsos anyway

My wvyern rider family (◡‿◡✿)
i gave up trying to make sense of this armor an hour into this…

For my friend Lowah’s Fire Emblem artbook!