My wvyern rider family (◡‿◡✿)
i gave up trying to make sense of this armor an hour into this…

For my friend Lowah’s Fire Emblem artbook!

sketched some plantkids during class

not really art but after 8 years I finally updated from my old graphire4 tablet! Hello new Intuos \o/

i realize ive been neglecting this place..

wellll, heres an old sculpt I did for class last sem when we were doing anatomy studies. Started by building the skeleton and laying the muscles on top of that. And me being my dumb nerd self couldn’t help but add a little something to it after I was done… eheheh

done with finals, 

time for rest

Preview of my contribution for Lowah’s Fire Emblem Awakening Fanbook!

Thanks for letting me be a part of this book! You guys should snag a copy before preorder ends, lots of really great artists and extra swag ;)

Preorder and more info can be found here